LCIF Forms

Here are useful links to LCIF forms to help make individual or club contributions. Click on the bold name to link to that document.
Contributing Member  The Contributing Membership program is an annual program that recognizes three levels of support:  $20, $50 and $100.  Contributing Membership donations are Melin Jones Fellowship -eligible and used to support LCIF humanitarian grant programs.  Individuals will receive a bronze, silver or gold pin (shown above) identifying the fiscal year in which the donation is made. For the actual application to submit with your contribution, use this link.  Be sure the check the box on left side of the application to receive a Contributing Membership pin.
Melvin Jones Fellow application This application can be used for initial contributions or can be used to add to funds already on deposit with LCIF in a Lion’s name. When amounts for a member total at least $1000, a Melvin Jones Fellowship can be granted.